Account Management

How can I promote my business with NextAdNet?

To start working with us, please sign-up and create your advertising campaign with the help of our Support team.

How can I fund my advertiser’s account in NextAdNet?

We accept payments via PayPal, Wire, EPESE and WebMoney. To fund your account, please choose the payment method and follow instructions.

How does Pay Per Click advertising work?

With Pay Per Click advertising you can bid for position in search results generated by our system for our visitors. You can target your campaign by GEO, browser and vertical.

Where will my ads be displayed?

NextAdNet cooperates with a vast number of direct publishers and site owner, who sell their inventory to us. Depending on traffic quality and sources you chose while creating your campaign, your ads can be displayed on topic related sites, blogs and forums.

Campaign Management

How can I create my ad campaign?

To create an ad campaign, please go to Campaign Management - New Campaign.

Do I need to fill in all the fields while creating my ad campaign?

All the fields marked with the ‘*’ symbol are mandatory.

What is the Title and why is it important?

All NextAdNet text ads allow for the use of up to 60 characters in the title field. This title will appear across the NextAdNet advertising network whenever your ad is shown.

What is the Description field and why is it important?

All NextAdNet text ads allow for the use unlimited number of characters in the description filed. This description will appear across the NextAdNet advertising network whenever your ad is shown.

What is the destination URL?

The URL address of the page in your website that people reach when they click your ad.

What does “Traffic source” mean?

All the traffic sources we have are divided according to the most substantial characteristics needed for an advertiser: time on site, number of page views, Google Analytics score and so on. All the sources have been preliminary tested by our team and split accordingly.


What is the minimum price per click in NextAdNet?

Depending on traffic quality, prices per click are the following:

  • Middle Quality - $0.002 per click
  • Premium Quality - $0.015 per click
  • Low Quality - $0.0002 per click
Please note, that the prices indicated below are the minimum you need to pay. But, to get traffic from top countries (US, UK, CA, AU) and to have a stable traffic flow you will need to set higher bids.

How do I pay for traffic?

After you top up your account and create your advertising campaign, funds are deducted for each click on your ads made by our visitors. The total depends on the bid you set.

What is the minimum deposit to start advertising with NextAdNet?

We have no minimum deposit limits.

What countries get the most impressions?

The top 4 countries on the NextAdNet platform are as follows:

  1. USA
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Canada
  4. Australia

My money had been deducted, but I didn’t receive any clicks. What should I do?

Please, check your campaign settings and contact our Support team.

What should I do if I am not satisfied with the quality of the traffic from NextAdNet?

You will need to post a quality claim with exact specification of reasons of insufficient quality of the traffic provided to you. We will carefully revise your inquiry, conduct an investigation and offer solutions to your best satisfaction.

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